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Launch Of First Music Video

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Hello People!

All you Robert Downey Junior Fans,hands up in the air!!Ironman 3 might just become one of my most favourite films of theyear! I literally melted into a puddle when the hot Robert Downeyflexed his wit and muscles on screen!Those of you who haven't seen itbook a ticket NOW!

Manasi Parekh

Ok, I have some great news to share with you guys! MTV ROOTS is one ofIndian Television's biggest music shows that promotes Independentmusic and guess what, they are featuring my music video "SAANWARIYA"on this Friday,3rd May at 9pm on MTV!! I am so excited about this asall of you will finally be able to see what I have been working on! Icollaborated with my friend and fellow musician Jahnvi Srimankar andwe had a maddd time shooting the video and recording the song (As youcan see from the pictures)!!

Manasi Parekh

2 girls in a room and riots ensue! There would be unending discussionson our 2 loves: food and music and then there would be non stopchatter on clothes,sales and makeup! I think by the end of the shootwe had covered every topic under the sun!!

Manasi Parekh and Saanwariya

Our music is a reflection of our likes and it is a fusion of Indianclassical and electronica!

I will be launching my music video online in a couple of days so ifyou can,check it out!!

Till then,

Love and music,


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Happiness In The Small Things

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Hello people! Its been so long since I posted here I feel like I am in flashback mode. Firstly a big big thank you to all of you who dedicatedly keep sending me messages and notes. Means a lot, seriously!

Have been busy these past months with a lot of creative ventures. Right from doing up my new home, to booking dozens of commercials in Bengali,Tamil, English, Gujju , to completing 50 shows of my play.

Also guys i debuted as a director on stage! Directed my first ever monologue for a theatrical play that is being performed across Mumbai. its called "Bahut Nachyo Gopal"Apart from work, I have developed a recent interest in gardening cos in my new space I have a huge terrace garden. So have developed a new interest in plants like bougainvillea, mint, touch me nots, palm fronds,jasmines! Its amazing how a tiny,new bud can bring as much happiness as a new project!

Lesson learnt: Happiness is in the small things!

Have a surprise for all of you coming up soon!!


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Sex ,morality and entertainment got fabulous responses!! Thank you guys! That'swhat I love about blogging,this instant reaction from across the world and theopportunity for debate. Will be blogging on a lot more controversial topics verysoon..so keep your comments ready!

As of now let me update you on my status..I was to start a new show onTelevision, had finalized 2 ad films and had a houseful show of my play inGujarat...all of which was cancelled BECAUSE I BROKE MY TOE!! The last oneweek has been an agonizing one because I fell off a scooty on my trip to Goa withfriends and broke my toe. Without realizing I had broken it, I continued walkingand working making it worse and one day the pain got so intolerable that I hadto go to a doc and that's when I was told it was broken!

And I was heart broken on hearing that I would need 3 weeks of complete bedrest because that meant that all the projects that I was to be a part of would haveto be cancelled! As a working professional it's a big blow,but sometimes thingsare just not in our hands. And so I have been on the bed since a week now withlots of friends,movies and books for company praying to God that my foot getshealed soon. Before every live performance , all of us actors wish each other luckby saying "Break a leg" and being the dedicated actor that I am I took it literally!

Jokes apart,guys always beware that something innocent can turn risky if youdon't take care. And all you people riding bikes,please take care! I hadn't realizedbiking would be so risky (And I wasn't even driving,was sitting pillion ).

Anyway what had to happen had to happen and Que sera sera what will be, willbe but right now I am so in love with Bhartee! Jhalak Dikhlaja is a super fun showand I think Bharti deserves a special award for being the most entertaining andtalented person on the show. Because I am holed up at home I am watching a lotof tv and JDJ is super fun!

The new season of Grey's Anatomy is also great..love Meredith! George and Garyfrom Masterchef Australia are my rockstars. Saathiya is really losing the plotwhile Badey Acchey Lagtey hain has a very talented child actor..I could go onabout Tv shows but I guess I should make it into a separate column!

Till then , take care guys and DON'T break a leg!

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Sex, Morality and Entertainment

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Hello everybody! Just got back home after watching "Gangs of Wasseypur 2" and even though it's past 2 am at night and I have a live performance of my play tomorrow, I couldn't resist writing this entry. Coming back to the film, its just brilliant to know that the era of air-brushing, plasticky, fake sets, faker accents, designer clothes and objectification of women in Hindi Cinema is giving way to a new wave of thought. Its now about depicting the truth, undiluted and with full force, take it or leave it. In his interview on a news channel, Anurag Kashyap(the director) said that most of Hindi cinema has become so infantile in the name of "family entertainment" that when somebody tries to do something hard-hitting and unconventional there is a huge backlash.

And I completely agree with him. Moral policing has always been the point of contention in our country where attitudes towards sex and violence are still very regressive. And if cinema is facing the brunt then fiction on television is like going back to the dark ages. Most of the top rated shows on TV still revolve around kitchen politics and love and marriage and in-laws

. And also everybody just gets so queasy when it comes to sex. Barring the smooch in "Bade Acchey Lagtey Hain", most shows don't even show the married couple sleeping on the same bed! All this, in the name of "Family Entertainment"!! Grow up guys! At a time when your friendly neighborhood porn star is on billboards all over, promoting her new film, just understand that the country has grown up! We definitely don't want porn on TV, but we don't want the sanitization and falsification of normal living too!

And it's not about sex really. Its this attitude of "playing it safe" and making it backward just because that has gotten TRPs in the past. But ENTERTAINMENT IS NOT ABOUT THE PAST, IT'S ABOUT CREATING A PRESENT.

 You know, as an actor there is only so much questioning that I can do because after a point I will be told to shut up and act as its my job. But within my own little parameters I am truly and desperately trying to be a part of projects that push the envelope in some way. It's a hard and lonely battle out there, let me tell you. It's so easy to get lured into doing crap on TV just because the money is really good.But am hoping that it slowly starts changing and hopefully in my lifetime...

Would love to get some comments on what you guys think. Do write back!

P.S : To all the people who regularly comment thanks a lot! It really means a lot to me.

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Olympic Fever

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Olympic 2012

The Olympic ceremony will start in some hours today,Friday ,the 27th of  July 2012 in London and the excitement is palpable! After a long time Doordarshan will make a special appearance on our television channel searches!I wonder if the Facebook-twitter generation even knows that there is a national broadcasting channel which used to be the only channel for entertaining millions of us some years ago!

Amitabh Bachchan to carry Olympic 2012 torch

Speaking of entertainment, Shri Amitabh Bachhanji carrying the Olympian torch through Southwark is proof of India's obsession with Bollywood. Why couldn't we have a sportsperson doing the same? But obviously our love for films exceeds our love for sport! Even our sports icons have become so filmy! Proof being that the whole Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi fracas could have been the script for a masala potboiler with the song "Dost dost na raha" playing in the backdrop!Isn't sport supposed to rise above petty individual interests and focus on the bigger picture?

Well at least the Londoners believe in that ..I was in London last month and was blown away by the whole management and planning for the Olympics..They have built an entirely new mall in Stratford where the 200 hectare Olympian park is located. They have added a new subway station for participants to travel freely and even a new airport! And to think that the Commonwealth games with their broken walls and stinky toilets for the atheletes were a national shame for India makes me wonder kya hoga is corruption ka?? Kal-madi aaj-maro!

But its heartening to know that inspite of all our bureaucratic jhamelas, we are sending an 83 member strong team representing India! Am rooting for India and hoping that we get the gold in every category! Bring on the tricolour!Satyamev Jayate!

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